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Pathways to your dream job

There are many pathways you may follow to get to your dream job. Check out the link below for one successful woman's story.

Entrepreneur Tanya Williams

Amazing volunteer experiences

There are so many amazing opportunities available to volunteers! Check out the experience on offer to people willing to offer their time and effort:

Tertiary study- headstart

Check out the link for information on how, from term 3 of year 10, you can start studing units from university degrees while you are still at school!! These are then able to be credited to your degree if you decide to continue on with your university studies.

SUN brochure- Start Uni Now

School student work hours

Did you know that students are restricted to working a maximum of 12 hours per week during school times? Check out the link below for all the details on daily and weekly limits.

Restrictions on children working in Queensland

Careers newsletter Term 1
  • Really interesting info about students and the benefits of part-time work done right
  • Also a focus on computers for all of our I.T. and gaming fans, and much more- check it out here 
Blue card application

For those needing to apply for a Blue card, follow the link

Working with children Blue Card


Finding a casual job

Out of all Year 9 & 10 SCCC students who have casual jobs, NOT ONE was found advertised in the newspaper...

60% were not advertised at all- with students finding opportunities by speaking to friends and family, or approaching the business directly.

This really highlights that if you are looking for work- tell people, tell anyone and everyone you want a job. Be proactive- approach businesses, volunteer, show interest in what they do. Put yourself out there...

2018 TAFE Course Guide

 TAFE at School Course Guide  


Check out the link for 2018 courses available to study at TAFE

Animal Studies

Several students have indicated interest in working with animals. 


I have pasted a link below to several courses available to study within this area.

ATAR explained

Check out the link below for a great explanation of the new ATAR system. 


QTAC explains the new ATAR system 

Traineeship Opportunities

Check out the 'Job Vacancies' (under the student tab), for Cert III Hospitality traineeship opportunities